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Not sure if this has made the rounds, but this video has everything I like, Spoken Gaelic, Scottish bands, John Powell Dragon Music.  This will be on my daily play list!



❝ Will Dagur comeback in season 3?????? ❞

I can answer that with a definite maybe!  :)


Sven, you didn’t mention you had a cameo in the video game.

That is great! heheheh I’M KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!

❝ aarreee you still accepting fanart for your wall!?!! 8DDDDD ❞

Yes! Fanarts are always accepted!

❝ Hello, can I ask you something.. maybe you know. There is httyd2 on iTunes and now in torrents.. Is that pirated or not? The movie will be realesed in November. ❞

I would imagine that it is pirated.  How this stuff gets out there is beyond me.  I would hope the fandom would not download or encourage piracy of this kind.   

Hiccup meets the Bewilderbeast.

I am sorry for the watermark. But I have an art thief and its so no one can steal it for now.

Got it, To the wall it goes!


Hi, guys! Cy (the girl behind this dragon-crazed blog) here!

Ever since I hit the exhilarating 1,000 followers months ago I’ve been saying I was going to do a follower giveaway — 1k followers was a HUGE milestone for me and it made me so happy and I wanted to thank my followers for being so amazing. Since then, I’ve procrastinated so much, so much time has gone by that I hit 2,000 followers!!!! Hahaha. Which is even more breathtaking. I have never in a million years would have thought I would reach that number when I first made this blog. Thank you so much to every single one of my followers for following me, reblogging my posts, and being so kind. So, I have decided to host this little giveaway filled with animated movies fandom goodies to thank you all and to celebrate! 

There are two winners: a FIRST PLACE winner and a SECOND PLACE winner.


  • ONE (1) How To Train Your Dragon Night Fury X-ing T-Shirt, from HotTopic & welovefine. Size: Medium. If this is not your size, I will include the receipt for you to exchange the shirt.
  • ONE (1) How To Train Your Dragon 2 poster. There are two posters; first place winner gets first choice of what poster they want. You have the choice of the one on the left, FLYING GROUP POSTER, which measures 20.5x30.5”. The one on the right, the PROMO POSTER, measures 13.5x20”
  • ONE (1) Pop! Movies How To Train Your Dragon 2 Vinyl Figure
  • FIVE (5) Rise of the Guardians stickers. One sticker for each guardian - each sticker measures 2.5”x2.5”
  • ONE (1) Brave Merida Pendant Necklace
  • ONE (1) Toothless pin from welovefine
  • ONE (1) other pin of your choice. You cannot choose the other Toothless pin as that’s for the second place winner. You can choose between the Elsa pin and The Little Mermaid pin.
  • One GIF request of your choice, within reason! I haven’t made tooooo many gifs, but examples of my gifs can be found here.


  • ONE (1) How To Train Your Dragon 2 poster. Since the first place winner gets first choice between the posters, the second place winner will get whichever poster is left.
  • FIVE (5) Rise of the Guardians stickers
  • ONE (1) Toothless pin from welovefine
  • ONE (1) other pin. Since the first place winner gets first choice, the second place winner will get whichever pin is left.
  • One GIF request of your choice, within reason.


  1. Winner will be chosen on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th, 4:00PM EST. All reblogs after that time will be invalid. 
  2. I kinda hate to say it, but you must be following me, as this is a giveaway for my followers. However, I would really appreciate it if you don’t follow my blog just because you want to win this stuff. If you find my blog through this post, and see that you like my blog enough to follow it anyways, and then reblog the post, it would make me happier than someone following my blog just to win this stuff. :)
  3. You must reblog this post to be entered in the giveaway. You can like this post, however likes will not count as an entry.
  4. You can reblog as many times as you want, but apparently Tumblr only lets your URL show up once in the notes, so…
  5. ALL the pictures shown here were taken with a camera flash (Sorry, I thought it looked better with it). If you would like other pictures, please contact me.
  6. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.
  7. Yes, shipping is worldwide and this giveaway is open to all Tumblr users worldwide. 
  8. This giveaway is worldwide, however I am really only fluent in English, so the winners must be well-speaking in English enough to tell me what I need to know about sending the prize. Or, be able to use a translator. ;)
  9. On September 19th, I will contact the winners, and they must respond within 96 hours of me informing them of their win. After that, you may lose your place and I have the right to give the prize to another random user.
  10. The winners must be comfortable giving me an address to send your prize to. I agree to NOT save the address anywhere.
  11. I will try to ship out the prizes as soon as possible after receiving the info I need from the winners. If you live further from the US it might take a little while.
  12. NO giveaway blogs.
  13. Any questions or concerns at all please contact me! I don’t bite. :)
  14. Please be nice.
  15. I think… that’s it?
  16. Happy reblogging! Thank you all! :)

If you want to be one of the cool people, you will reblog this!!!!!!! Help support awesomeness in all is forms!!!REBLOG!

Hey all, its been awhile since I have done an update.  Started June 3rd so I am a little over 2 months in and I am down about 26 pounds!!!!  Feeling good and the momentum is keeping me going.  Soon you will be able to tie a string to me and fly me in a good wind!

❝ For the title of the new season of Dragons... how about "Dragons: Asscupades"? :) (in all seriousness I hope we get a lot of Hiccstrid!) ❞

All will be known soon!!!!  I will pass your title suggestion along, I am sure it will be considered. heheh

❝ okay, so how about: dragon night lights, like in Fright of Passage. I know I'd sleep tighter! ;) ❞

Agreed, this may be the greatest idea in the history of mankind.