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Lovely Pastel ladies. Wonder what they were talking about.

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Night Fury


If you find yourself in the LA area Saturday night and can get a ticket, I highly recommend the Dreamworks concert at the Hollywood bowl.  Had a lot of fun tonight! Great music, Jack Black brought the humor, fireworks, fun times.

❝ Hey Sven i was wondering about Astrid's parents since they are never seen in the movies or tv series. Are they dead? Are they travelling around the world or something? ❞

Good question, her parents definitely exist, we just never see them since they haven’t played into any story elements yet.  Maybe they are sailing with Astrid’s aunt who kept leaving one way and coming back the other.

❝ Hey again sorry for all the questions. I would like to know what time period/era did how to train your dragon take place? ❞

That is a very good question, I have never seen an actual “date” set out for anything.  My off the top of my head guess would be 800-1100AD.  Anyone else out there read this anywhere?

xserpx said:
❝ Hey Sven! You say in your bio that you're an avid reader, so I was just wondering what are some of your favourite books?? :) ❞


A couple of series’ have really grabbed my attention, The Expanse Series by James SA Corey, which is a pen name for George RR Martin’s writer’s assistant and another author, really well done near future sci-fi that feels legit.  Also I am really liking Justin Cronin’s The Passage Trilogy, he has only released 2 so far, The Passage and The Twelve.  I highly recommend these!  I read a lot of comics as well, a guilty pleasure.

As an added side note, I just found out that Syfy is making The Expanse books into a series starting next year.  Very exciting!

❝ Oh i am sorry about that misunderstanding. What is the new season called then? ❞

No apologies necessary, its a fake title that has been floating around since early last year.  There hasn’t been an announced title yet for the new Season.  Hopefully we will know soon!

❝ Hi there!! I would like to know if Heather will be returning in the new season dragon masters? ❞

I wish I could answer that question, I can answer this though…The new season will not be called Dragon Masters.  Please pass that along so we can help squash the Dragon Masters title rumor that has plagued us for so long.

r-jead said:
❝ Hey! You are great man doing great job!) If it`s not a very very big secret, could you say some facts about relations between Astrid and Hiccup in the third season? Will we see smth much more nicely than in 1-2 seasons?) ❞

Unfortunately any story goodies from the new seasons are quite secret. :(  We will just have to wait and see!

❝ Hi! I'm really excited to see the new season of the show! My favorite episode is the one where Ruffnut rescues the scauldron and she does that imitation thingy of Hiccup. Do you have a favorite episode?? ❞

I still think over the 2 seasons my favorite is Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man